• We design conditions to unleash and nurture the power of entrepreneurs.

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    Powerhousehq and our partners are coming together to design services with the vision to enable female entrepreneurs. We share the belief that women are still discovering their presence, power and leadership in the startup world and we are passionate to be part of their journey.



    The Biz APP is a PEER TO PEER APP DESIGNED TO help young girls test their business ideas and BUILD THEIR BUSINESS MUSCLE by offering products or services.


    What are people’s biggest challenge when comes to business? Cash flow? Finding the right product - customers fit? Industry knowledge ?


    The biz app is about creating a safe space so they can learn about business and safely test ideas fast.

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    Our mission is to create conditions that nurture and empower teams to lead and drive positive change.


    We design initiatives that facilitate team knowledge creation, nurtures the entrepreneurial mindset and enables teams to reach their goals

    Marina Paronetto

    Founder CEO

    Marina is the Founder of PowerhouseHQ, Innovation Manager at PwC and a founding member of Female Founders committee.


    With ten years of industry experience, Marina has lead great innovative projects in branding, education, retail and B2B. Marina actively supports the Melbourne startup scene by hosting events, workshops, public speaking and as co-Lead of Startup Victoria Female founders committee.

    Special Humans

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    We work as a collective that comes together as our initiatives grow. Our team is made of special people with different background embracing #innovation, #learning, #productmanagement. #communitymanagement, #businessdevelopment, #technology and #design.


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